Below are a few select animations I created with the Branding team at 2x4 for Prada to promote across their social media channels. 
The following animated loops promote Prada's Corsaire bags. The larger concept was to feature customers as gleaners of experiences; as travelers. The concept was instilled through the construction and geometry of the bags; generating portals to other places within.
The following animated loops were created to promote Prada's "Tricks" (accessories). I designed 3 photo collages utilizing various textures and materials that were then turned into "Trick clocks" that animated through time with varying textural movements.
The following animated loops were promos for Prada's all-weather shoes.
Studio: 2x4—Creative Direction & Partner: Michael Rock / Sung Joong Kim: Creative Director. /  Ryan Weafer: Design DIRECTION. / Joshua Graver: Design + ANIMATION. / Thomas Markevicius: Design + ANIMATION. / Nancy Hong: Senior Project Manager. / Beverly Liang: Strategy Director. / Strategy Team: Lucy Swope and Philippe Ostiguy.
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