The New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) children’s center is a transitional space, housing infants and young children for short stays during times of family upheaval. 

While at 2x4, and working with illustrator Christoph Niemann, we worked with the organization to refresh the center’s interior. Our redesign sought to create an environment that’s both comforting and creative with a whimsical wallpaper mural. In an adjoining hallway, an ever-changing gallery features children’s work. We also created printed guides for the staff in how to activate the mural and also a coloring book for the kids.
Studio: 2x4, Partner and Creative Director: Georgie Stout. Associate Design director: Joshua Graver. Architecture Team: David Regone (Designer), Amber Foo (Associate Design Director), Chris Kupski (Design Director) Photos: ESTO/Albert Vecerka. Illustrator: Christoph Niemann

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