La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border was a jewelry exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design: “The artists transform metal, fiber, wood, and other materials into representations of their experiences, their influences, their dreams, and their nightmares.” *

The title wall text read in both English and Spanish, but were separated by a single line that was cut directly into the gallery wall using a compact router. The main title is set in Commercial Type’s Druk Condensed XX Super, mimicking the tall and tightly spaced border fence that eventually ends in separating ocean and sky at the California / Mexico border. 

Curators: Mike Holmes, Lorena Lazard, Barbara Paris Gifford, & Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy. / Cheif Curator: Shannon Stratton. / Exhibition Design: Hendrik Gerrits & Willow Holdorf. / Mural by Rebecca Graves + Rgraves & compANY. / Creative DirectOR & DesignER: Joshua Graver. / Installation photography jenna bascom.
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