La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border was a jewelry exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design: “The artists transform metal, fiber, wood, and other materials into representations of their experiences, their influences, their dreams, and their nightmares.” *

The title wall text read in both English and Spanish, but were separated by a single line that was cut directly into the gallery wall using a compact router. 

The main title's typography mimics the tall and tightly spaced border fence that eventually ends in separating ocean and sky at the California / Mexico border. 

The promotional animation used across the museum's social media channels featured the title's letterforms toggling between a closed and open form.
Curators: Mike Holmes, Lorena Lazard, Barbara Paris Gifford, & Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy. / Cheif Curator: Shannon Stratton. / Exhibition Design: Hendrik Gerrits & Willow Holdorf. / Mural by Rebecca Graves + Rgraves & compANY. / Creative DirectOR & DesignER: Joshua Graver. / Installation photography jenna bascom.
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