I wanted to break open the white light emitted from my iMac in order to see its composition. When I sprayed water on the monitor, the shimmering disco droplets acted as lenses, revealing the vibrant, harmonious inner-workings of RGB light.

La Frontera
Museum of Arts and Design

La Frontera: Enounters Along the Border is a jewlery exhibiton at MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) that explores the US-Mexico border (la frontera). The artists transform materials into representations of their experiences, their influences, their dreams, and their nightmares.

The exhibition's title wall was gouged (using a router)—creating a line that separates the english and spanish texts.

The main title is set in Commercial Type's Druk Condensed XX Super, mimicking the tall and tightly spaced border fence that eventually ends in separating ocean and sky at the California / Mexico border.

Prada Portals
2x4 / Prada

Created for, and with, the teams at Prada and 2x4 for Prada Social Media. Quilted diamonds of Prada's Corsaire bags become portals to other dimensions, keeping with the concept — woman as traveler and gleaner of experiences.

2x4 Team — Michael Rock: Partner, Sung Joong Kim: Creative Director, Ryan Weafer: Design Director, Joshua Graver: Associate Design Director and Designer, Nancy Hong: Senior Project Manager, Beverly Liang: Strategy Director

Museum Sounds
Various NYC Museums

A graphic identity for Museum Sounds—an online initiative to promote 4 sound shows at 4 great NYC museums over the month of December, 2017: Museum of Arts and Design, Cooper Hewitt, Rubin Museum of Art, and Smithsonian Museum of the Native American.

Each graphic treatment is informed by varying sonic qualities such as amplification, vibrance, and resonance.

Motion Graphics
Art 21 / PBS

This is a short edit of various projected motion graphics I created for/with Team Collective that were used in a larger promotional video for PBS / Art 21.

In addition to its Peabody Award-winning PBS-broadcast television series Art in the Twenty-First Century, Art21 produces the digital film series New York Close Up and Extended Play; and special artist projects including the Peabody Award-winning feature William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible. Art21 also creates educational resources and professional development programs; annual public programming; an online publication featuring guest contributors; and a comprehensive website at

2x4 / NYC Children's Services

Tap image above for more

A project created at 2x4 with Lonni Tanner and Christoph Niemann—we turned a 24/7 nursery (where children are brought when they're removed from their homes for suspected child abuse and neglect) into a place of engagement and joy. The nursery is now activated with a wraparound mural that illustrates "A day in the city" (by Christoph Niemann), a coloring book take-away, a staff training guide, and 2 gallery walls for the children to display their work created while staying at the Center. Everything is designed to boost the childrens learning and critical thinking skills, while also engaging the staff. (Client: NYC Administration for Children's Services, for the Children's Center.

Studio: 2x4, Partner and Creative Director: Georgie Stout. Associate Design Director / Designer: Joshua Graver. 2x4 Architecture Team: David Regone (Designer), Amber Foo (Associate Design Director ), Chris Kupski (Design Director). Photos: ESTO/Albert Vecerka. Illustrator: Christoph Niemann

Prada Intense
2x4 / Prada

Studio: 2x4. Creative Director/Partner: Michael Rock. Creative Director: Sung Kim. Associate Design Director/Designer: Joshua Graver. Senior Designer: Kee Kim. Project Manager: Brynn Johanna. Project Manager: Melanie Malkin. Writer: Natasha Stagg. Animation studio: Nathan Love. Music: Perfume Genius. Original footage: Steven Meisel.

Studio Views
Museum of Arts and Design

An expandable and modular frame system created for The Museum of Arts and Design's exhibition: Studio Views: Craft in the Expanded Field, was carried out across all exhibition materials (print and digital).The top image shows how the gallery was divided into two artist studio spaces, with the wall graphic expanding into each. MAD hosted 2 artists at a time to work in the museum galleries (Cycle 1: Sarah Zapata, LJ Roberts; Cycle 2: Xenobia Bailey, Maria Hupfield). The bottom image shows how the graphic expanded across 3 frames on Instagram slideshows, allowing the user to swipe across each artists documented gallery space.



Depending on the circumstances, shame can be both a negative and positive force. This 42-page RISO printed book focuses on queer and ethnic shame within the 1960s NYC underground queer cinema scene. Figures such as Mario Montez, Holly Woodlawn, Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, Jack Smith, and Andy Warhol are all collaged together in this complex exploration, focusing in on Puerto Rican artists within this community.

Special thanks to Ron Gregg (Senior Lecturer and Programming Director, Film Studies at Yale) for all the guidance and wisdom that led to creating this book.

Together 2017
2x4 / Arper

While working at 2x4, we came up with an updated cover system for Arper's 2017 materials to support their booth at Salone Del Mobile, all under the theme of togetherness — "It is at the center of everything we do. Arper collections build on a common design system of shell, base, accessories, material, and palette. Everything works together, flexible, coordinated for high performance."

Studio: 2x4. Creative Director/Partner: Susan Sellers. Associate Design Director/Designer: Joshua Graver. Designer: Min Choi. Senior Strategist: Margot Weller. Project Coordinator: Emily Green

Gala Invitation
Hirshhorn Museum

This is an invitation package for the Hirshhorn Museum's 40th Anniversary Gala. It was printed offset on Crane's paper, with a blind embossed cover and metallic foil-stamped logo.

Re-brand Selects
Pratt Institute

While employed in the Office of Institutional Advancement at Pratt Institute, and in working with a great team of in-house designers, and many departments across campus, these are a few selects from an Institute wide re-brand that was estalbished in working closely with the agency Ologie — I oversaw the roll-out, while serving in the role of Creative Director at Pratt.

Core creative team: Kara Schlindwein (Senior Designer), Peter Tannenbaum (photography and videography), David Dupont (production)

Palimpsest VII
Yale University

This volume of Palimpsest, Yale’s Graduate Literary & Arts Magazine, is titled “Hybrid”, which informed how the publication was structured — each section is saddle-stitched separately and “grafted” into each other. This loose, yet ordered, form plays with the intended sequencing and juxtapositions of content, depending on how the piece is read — in full or in part(s).

The backgrounds of each page are scans of the previous issue (Volume VI) with the printed content (mostly) removed, creating a palimpsest of Palimpsest — a hybrid of the two volumes.

Designed with Ben Fehrman Lee and Biba Kosomerl.

Aunt Nell

“Aunt nell” is Polari—a (dead) gay-subcultural language from the U.K.—for “LISTEN!” I made this typeface by first designing and constructing a single stencil that would create the entire alphabet by aligning and overlapping shapes taken from iconic representations of sound waves (square/triangle/sawtooth).

.WAV Anthology

WAVs Anthology aims to explore relationships between sound, music, politics, and technology in recent(ish) U.S. history.

The book is 144 pages and divided into four sections—Democracy / Oppression / Cityscapes / Music.

Radio(wave) Reader

This reader mimics the motion of a sound wave in transmission. A fluctuating system of paragraph tab indentations is initiated on the first page, and the number of paragraph tabs increases with each story, until you reach the 9th and middle piece (total of 9 tabs). Then, the system progressively moves back to its initial state, story by story. The radio static distortion page breaker images work within the tab system as well, but in a z-index—zooming in and out.

Collaboration with Carr Chadwick

Yale Open Studios
Yale School of Art

At the heart of this identity was “The Yarrow”—a “Y” letterform mutated into an arrow that served as a modular brand, poster hang-er, and as a clear wayfinding system for visitors attending Yale Open Studios 2015. We printed the most important information for the event on masking tape and applied The Yarrow in, throughout, and between the three School of Art buildings (and shuttle buses). We also projected animations of tape covering (or closing off) the facade of Greene building on opening night.

Collaboration with Maziyar Pahlevan, Martin Bek, and Ben Fehrman–Lee

motion /



Tocanono is a personal cognitive behavioral therapy tool that helps hinder your compulsions to check your phone.

Shifty Business
Center for Urban Pedagogy

Why can’t retail workers make ends meet? I worked with CUP and the Retail Action Project (RAP), along with Maxwell Sorensen (another CUP Fellow), to make a short animation about the changing scheduling practices in the retail industry. Shifty Business helps retail workers understand that their experiences are not isolated events but a systemic approach to cost-cutting by their employers. It also helps policy makers see the effect these practices have on workers’ lives.

Watch it here.

Story boards, design, animation, and music

The Smile Face Museum

I animated photographs from the Smileface Museum's archive and created the music for this promotional video.

The Smile Face Museum was founded by Mark Sachs in 1992 in his Silver Spring, Maryland basement. It operated for 2 years in that location, with over 400 hundred items on display. In 2014, The Smile Face Museum will be installed in Brooklyn, New York in the basement of a private garden apartment. Its collection now encompasses more than 1000 objects, and it will be on display March 30-April 27.

The spring 2014 presentation of the Smile Face Museum is organized by Adrienne Garbini, and hosted by 228 1/2. The Museum will also feature exhibitions of contemporary artwork.

Design, animation, and music


Stop motion and music created for Areaware's online promotion and video installation at the 2012 NoHo Design District event to promote Harry Allen's glow in the dark piggy bank. Production: Lauryn Siegel

Sight Unseen write up here.

Stop-animation and music

When We Weren't Friends

When We Weren't Friends: a friend-sourced cassette tape-loop collage jam session through space-time, May 31, 2013 at Molasses Books in Bushwick.

Friends were asked to provide audio recordings of past projects from a time before we knew each other. These original files were transferred onto cassette tapes, randomly cut into loops, and placed within separate battery-powered handheld players throughout the bookstore.

Supplemental zines explored our shared experiences and struggles through spacetime.

Participants: Chris Beneke, Alex Decarli, Jim Gaylord, Ariel Goldberg, Liz Harris, Keaton Kail, Nick Lesley, Michael Marcelle, Ceci Moss, Thomas Wilk

Heart Drum Jammer

With the help of Jonathan Zalben, I altered and wore a wireless heart monitor that triggered a kick-drum tone using Arduino and MIDI signals.

Jam band: Carr Chadwick, Sam Davis, Ben Fehrman-Lee, Yotam Hadar, Erin Knutson, and Tim Ripper

Borderless Type(s)
Yale Paul Rand Lecture

To promote a lecture for the former head of Doctors Without Borders (Dr. Unni Karunakara), we wanted to first create communications free of any written language—that instead used sound and motion. I filmed Martin as he spelled out the event details in flag semaphore movements while holding two iPhones with flashlights illuminated. I also recorded three classmates separately singing the word “borderless” in Morse code. On the night of the event we projected the video across the entire atrium wall while three separate sound systems played each audio recording—creating a major chord when heard together. The poster designs were created last.

Collaboration with Martin Bek

The Morse Code Choir: Erik Freer, Sasha Portis, Qiong Li